Stainless Steel Countertops

Want a professional kitchen or workspace that will last for years? Look no further than stainless steel. Our food grade stainless steel countertops are incredibly sanitary and easy to maintain, making it the top choice for premium restaurants and versatile workstations. A non-porous, seamlessly welded face make it one of the most hygienic surfaces available. This is especially beneficial in kitchens where remnants of food and cooking grease promote bacterial growth. Cook and prepare meals in a clean and healthy environment.

Copper Countertops

A new look for an old metal! Copper countertops have been used for generations with great success and can offer a lifetime of enjoyment as well as a practical work surface. Copper is lovely to look at and a nice compliment to many decors. Copper countertops provide an antimicrobial surface that is even superior to stainless steel. A copper “living” surface will patina over time, changing colour depending on what it comes in contact with – most often it will go to shades of brown.