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SINCE 2004

Quality Custom Metal Fabrication for Your Home or Business

  • Your residential stainless steel countertop experts.
  • Give your kitchen a professional look.
  • Improve your office with new stainless steel countertops.
  • Get ahead of the competition with something custom made.
  • Hundreds of different products to fit your needs.
  • We are your full-service metal fabrication experts.

Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Did You Know...

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Food grade stainless steel doesn’t absorb moisture, making it the most hygienic choice for your kitchen or backsplash.

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Stainless steel is exceptionally durable and heat resistant. Placing a hot pan on its surface won’t cause any damage.

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Stainless steel is the most recycled material on Earth, making it one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable products around.

What We Do

We delight customers with beautiful metal surfaces in their homes and businesses, to provide a clean, safe area for healthy living.

Our work includes designing, fabricating, and installing custom projects utilizing stainless steel, aluminum, copper and mild steel. We continually grow and enrich our services, providing architectural fabrication to contractors, millworkers, architects, designers, kitchen dealers and the general public.

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How We Do It

We are committed to meeting the challenges and needs of our customers by providing a high level of service and satisfaction. Our goal is to provide quality work – done right the first time.


Yes, the Work Speaks for Itself...

but our happiest clients speak even louder.

What’s New?

Learn more about the benefits of stainless steel countertops and how we create entirely custom products. In our news, be sure to view some of our favourite projects for all types of residential and commercial purposes.